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How much money can I make with Bitcoin Motion?
Bitcoin Motion claims – without proof – that its accuracy rate is 96%. Furthermore, it claims that you can earn „on average $5000 per day“ – but beware of such false promises: in trading, earnings can never be guaranteed.

According to our assessment, these alleged earnings are therefore exaggerated. Considering that the minimum deposit of $250 is part of the „low“ risk, one should not expect such high profits on this software. Again, all of the above gains are neither proven nor guaranteed.

User testimonials

Bitcoin Motion review: reliable trading robot?

When looking at the Bitcoin Motion reviews left by users on the Internet, it is clear that the opinions are mixed. While some people boast of having earned between $7,415 and $10,000, others denounce this trading software as an „open scam“.

We advise you to do your own research on this automated trading platform, and above all, if you start out, to invest only as much as you can bear to lose. Every beginner trader should then stake the minimum deposit of $250 and not overestimate the profits he will make.

Has Bitcoin Motion appeared on television?
The web has been flooded with rumours that sites such as Bitcoin Motion have been featured on TV shows. After much analysis, we have found that these rumours are not based on reality.

Dragon’s Den
Bitcoin Motion review: reliable trading robot?rumours have associated Bitcoin Motion with Dragon’s Den. After checking, we have found that this is a false hype, more for marketing purposes than anything else. So don’t trust any magazine that mentions a direct link between Bitcoin Motion and Dragon’s Den.

Shark Tank
Bitcoin Motion review: reliable trading robot?rumours have been circulating on social networks about Bitcoin Motion’s appearance on Shark Tank. The stars of the show have complained that their photos are being misused to scam people. Allis and Baxter have never invested in Cryptosoft or any trading software.

This Morning
Bitcoin Motion review: reliable trading robot?there are other rumours that Cryptosoft has appeared on a British TV show, „This Morning“. Not so! Holly Willoughby’s and Philip Schofield’s reputations are being used by crooked scammers to extort money from investors. There is no known association between This Morning and Bitcoin Motion.

Bitcoin Motion and celebrities

To capture the attention of fans to get interested in services and products, one of the tactics of cryptocurrency sites is to associate celebrities with them, claiming that they have invested in their trading platform. In France, Xavier Niel and Kilian Mbappé are two figures who are often falsely cited as having invested in these platforms.

As for Bitcoin Motion, there are allegations that the bot has signed partnerships with celebrities such as Peter Jones, Elon Musk, Martin Lewis and Gordon Ramsay. But all these celebrities have denied the claims that they have invested in Bitcoin Motion.

It is in fact marketing companies that have created these strategies to sell their products, and this way of doing things is one reason why people call Cryptosoft a scam.

We understand that these rumours are false, but beware: false marketing does not always mean scam. Cryptosoft is an operational site and even if the marketing tactics are not honest, it is not necessarily a scam.

Bitcoin Motion: the verdict!
So, is Bitcoin Motion reliable? In the end, we found that Bitcoin Motion is a trading software both appreciated by some users and criticized by others who do not hide their disappointment.

The software is legitimate in the sense that it is operational and can, via its system, make money for users – even if this is never 100% guaranteed.

In our opinion, the alleged earnings on this bot are excessive. We have no evidence that this software generates so much promised profit, especially since investing and buying cryptocurrency is a volatile activity by default.

Finally, it is important to remember that there are risks associated with trading before you bet real money. We recommend that you only invest as much capital as you can bear the loss.


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