Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

• eBay’s nonfungible token (NFT) platform, KnownOrigin, launched a new creator smart contract.
• OpenSea implemented 0% fees to win back users from its competitor Blur.
• Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal compared NFTs to luxury houses and cars.

eBay Launches Creator Smart Contract

eBay’s NFT marketplace KnownOrigin announced the launch of creator smart contracts for artists within its platform. This allows artists to split their earnings and gain royalties as co-creators. The platform was acquired by eBay back in June 2022 with an undisclosed amount and aims to empower NFT creators and collectors.

OpenSea Lowers Fees To Compete With Blur

NFT marketplace OpenSea announced a new move to win back its users from its competitor Blur, which recently surpassed it in daily Ether trading volume on Feb 18th. The platform made three big changes including temporarily lowering the OpenSea fee to zero percent and moving to optional creator earnings.

Real Vision CEO Compares NFTs To Luxury Houses & Cars

Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal likened NFTs from popular collections like CryptoPunks and BAYC to luxury houses and cars. He believes that during market booms, these assets will act as “high-end properties”.

Artist Receives $150K For Meme On Ordinals

An artist received $150,000 for a meme on crypto art site Ordinals this week. According to reports, the sale is one of the most expensive single pieces sold on an NFT platform yet, setting a record high price point for digital artwork sales in general.

Yuga Labs Accused Of IP Theft Over Wolf Skull Logo

Yuga Labs recently faced accusations of intellectual property (IP) theft over the wolf skull logo used in their game CryptoSkulls Alpha Edition 1/500 released earlier this month. According to reports, CryptoSkulls appears similar to another crypto game called CryptoZombies on the blockchain Ethereum network since both use a similar wolf logo design with slight variations in color schemes and other details of the art style itself

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